Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A little dating inspiration


Dating and the Eternal Perspective

By Kimberly Reid Church Magazines

Kimberly Reid, “Dating and the Eternal Perspective,” Ensign, Feb 2008, 60–63
A battle rages against the family, undermining our attempts to marry. But we have reason to hope.
Susan and Jim hated the disco craze sweeping young adult dances in 1978. One night they both ended up at a dance anyway. At six and a half feet (2 m) tall, Jim scanned the room for a tall dancing partner and spotted Susan’s red hair above the crowd.
“Would you like to dance?” he asked, flashing a gallant smile.
“Great. I’ll see if I can find you a partner.” My dad pretended to walk away while my mom laughed at his joke. They danced, exchanged phone numbers, and, nine months later, married in the Salt Lake Temple.
We’ve all heard stories of how couples met. Now it may be our chance to live such a story. But we face a different atmosphere than our parents did, and not just because disco has gone out of style. The adversary’s battle rages against the family, undermining our attempts to marry. Obstacles like rejection, pressure, and distraction threaten to overwhelm us. Satan wants us to lose hope—but we don’t have to. With the Lord’s help, we can reject worldly attitudes and adopt eternal perspectives. Here are five examples.

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