Saturday, November 20, 2010

grab that rebound!

Today, I was discussing with my roommate why it is that we worry about "rebounding". We also wondered why guys tend to avoid dating girls who have just broken up with someone. We even realized that we've told a friend or two "you should probably give her some space and let her get over him first." We've decided it's time for a change; We're officially pro-rebound.

Why not, right? I know that the last time I broke up with someone, I complained that it was difficult to move on because there weren't any guys asking me on a date. Plus, as a wise institute teacher pointed out to me once, when you're "heartbroken" over a recent break up, you want the affection and attention back that you had in your relationship, right? So, your heart is already open. Once you "get over" someone, or especially when you spend some time being anti-dating, you harden your heart and put up a wall that someone trying to date you has to break down. If you're "rebounding", the wall is already down and you can start to build a relationship that much faster.

The moral of the story? Rebound away.

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